Online pokies an Australian past time

Australians love to gamble and they really like to play online pokies. However, there, they call slots poker machines or pokies when they visit their local pub, club or Casino. Nowadays though, a lot more Aussies are playing pokies online because it's more convenient.

Aussies like to be in charge of their environment and get really annoyed if other people intrude on their space. A lot have now decided to play online because they are not crowded at a Casino table, there is only the noise of the game and not a throbbing crowd to contend with, and they don't have any parking problems.

When Australians come to Platinum Play Online Casino to play pokies, they can find a free version available. This is very attractive to both those Aussies who want to play for free, and those who want to get used to a game first before betting any real money - the wise Aussies!

There's an online pokies guide at Platinum Play and this helps you know how to play before you actually activate any of the 340 games available at this safe and secure online casino. You might want to keen to play reel slots or video pokie machines. In fact, Platinum Play has so many games, they have an Alphabetized list of casino pokies for you to pick from.

To play online, you need to understand the different betting options and paylines. The rest is incredibly simple, as Aussies would know from playing real poker machines. You select the amount of coins to bet in the Payout Table, hit 'spin' and watch the reels go. Then, you keep your fingers crossed and hope Lady Luck is smiling on you.

Yes, online pokies is a game of chance and there are no winning strategies that will increase your odds of winning. A random number generator spins the reels and selects your symbols.