Slot Machine Hacks

Slot machine hacks are considered to be quite common tricks, especially in online slots gambling. It is possible to say that slot machine hacks are another winning slots tools applied online and Microgaming slots.

Programming gaffs

Slot machine hacks or in another words gaffs as it can be found in slots guide, can be implemented just like the sabotage trick only with the help of the most skillful programmer or the inside man of the casino.

The way it works

Since all modern slot machines are known to be exclusively computerized, slot machine hacks may be the ways to crack into the slots software with attempts to win more profits. From the point of view of any hacker, slot machines can be easily penetrated. The point is that slot machine software used in the slot machines may be easily reprogrammed, basically, like any other programs on the particular personal computer. Traditionally, vendors are trying to make are that the software used in slots is reliable by means of its regular testing, however, still slot machine hacks are common, as well as the other winning slots tricks.

Thus, it is possible to say that there have been a lot of actual accounts of the most successful cheat means of the slot machine hacks.

Interesting cases

In the history of slots hacking there are a lot of interesting facts.

Back in 1995, Reid Errol McNeal managed to hit the jackpot. It was the very first occasion in Atlantic City of such a success at slots. At that time the amount of the jackpot was $100000. However, he did not receive his winning. The casino authorities managed to reveal that he was a friend of the well known Ronald Harris.

Ronald Harris turned out to be an employee of Gaming Control Board, Nevada. Thus, Ron was capable of using his programmer position in the Gaming Control Board. It was him who inserted some gaff program into the slot machines. He turned out to be the inside man of the above mentioned Reid Errol McNeal. The matter is that the members of such organization as Gaming Control Board are in charge of checking the slot machines functioning.

Thus, after the certain tool was connected to the particular slots types machines, the special code was uploaded into the slots that was about to be hacked. Harris simply recruited his friends to visit the slots and hit the jackpot.