Slots Terms List

Common machines

terms listslots games with ordinary ordinary payout scheme.

Big Bertha

Big slot machine with a big handle and 8-10 reels.

Bonus Option

Bonus rounds and free rotations on some slot machines.

Chips Size

The denomination of the value of the coins good for the machine.

Double machines

Slot Machines that payoff double and triple winnings in case special numbers come up.

Down slot machines

A machine that has a small average payout.

Full Pay slots

Slot Machines which pay off more for a maximum chip wager.


Largest prize in a machine.

Liberty Bell

The premiere slot machine games invented by Charles Fey.

Loose slots

Larger payout slot machines.

Max Bet

Maximum number of coins permitted for one turn.

Multi-Line slots

slot machines with two paylines or more.


gamblers who bet one chip per rotation.

Pay Line

The line on the drums in which the specific numbers are to appear to provide a payout. Some slot machines provide multiple paylines.

Pay Chart

The list of all the possible images and their combination and the sum of the pot.


The percentage of the chips put in the slot machine that it has to pay out.

Payout rate

The rate which must be returned to the gambler from a machine in a year.

Primary Jack

Amazing jackpot for the machine which is extremely rarely won.


slot machines with the largest pots. These jackpots raise any time the coins are put into.


Spinning reels that have symbols on them.


A determined time to play on a single machine.

Short Win

Amazing sum of coins won in a few rotations.

Sizzling Slot

slot machine games with large payoffs.

Slots Schedule

Information shown on every machine that concerns the version of the slot machine, chip denomination, winning sum.

Slots games Drop

Quantity of chips inserted into the slot machine.

Slot machines Hold

The percentage of all the coins put in the machine that the online casino site holds.

Sputtering slots games

machines that have small overall payoff.


Jack which stays the same and may not be changed.

Straight slots

slot machine games which pay out predetermined amount of chips. This amount is usually displayed on the machine.


images on the reels. These symbols may be fruit and signs, etc.

Tight slot machines

slot machine games that have smaller payouts.

Up Slot

slots games with large overall payoff.

Video slot machines

machines where barrels are shown on the screen on the place of the real ones.

Wild image

A joker in slot machine games which can stand for any image that makes the gambler win.