Thor the Slot Game

For those playing the best online slot machine games out there, the new Thor slot machine game should be added onto the list. With five reels and a half dozen different bets that a player could make on any given spin of the wheel, the Thor game provides all of the opportunity to strike big that players want, right alongside a great theme that will make comic book fans keep spinning over and over again.

A Testament to Marvel

While the film version of Marvel's Thor has become very popular with the mainstream, this slot machine game harkens back much further than Chris Hemsworth's performance as the legendary god of thunder. The illustrations and animations pay homage to Marvel's illustrations of Thor, complete with occasionally non-sensual costumes and to characters that have not yet appeared in the film franchise. This includes certain frost giants, along with rock trolls and dozens of other, stranger characters. In addition to all of the classic comic imagery though, the Thor slot machine game also has some more traditionally Viking images like orcs, weapons, long ships and other associated relics.

A Game to Bet on

Beyond the imagery and animations though, the Thor slot machine game provides players with everything they could ever want when it comes to a great gambling experience. As mentioned above, the slot comes with five reels, and a dozen different lines that players can win on. While it might look like controlled chaos, a slot machine is all about the odds, just like any other game players might find in the casino. Once players have figured out the best odds for their particular spread, all that's left to do is lay their money down and let the wheels spin out to their big payoff.

Try before you buy

While there are some sites where players can try a game for free before they put actual money on the line, these opportunities are often limited. When it comes to the Thor slot machine though, players can fiddle around with it for no money until they've figured out exactly how the game runs and what they feel works for them. While it's possible to come into a game blind and win, it's much less likely than a player who's familiar with the game and who feels that he or she knows exactly what to do in order to come out ahead in the end.

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